Bond discovers a trail of an organization code-named SPECTRA by means of an encrypted message, while M, meanwhile, makes attempts to keep the secret intelligence service from destruction. Film 007: SPECTRUM is a kind of return to the classics of Connery's time, which was inevitable, because the previous works of Daniel Craig, trying to update the character, failed.

Viewers Nonton Film Online will be delighted that they will again have the opportunity to watch the adventures of their favorite characters from the previous parts. Both the secondary and the main cast of actors perfectly got used to the images of their characters. Daniel Craig's game should be noted separately, because, despite his age, he perfectly performed all the combat scenes. Christopher Waltz also got used to the role of Blofeld very well, although it was originally planned that this character will be played by Gary Oldman. The female cast of the film is also at the highest level: Naomi Harris, Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux.

Interestingly, initially, Sam Mendes did not want to return to the director's position, and in his place were Tom Hooper, Christopher Nolan, Ang Lee, Shane Black, Danny Boyle and David Yates. Flawless in tape and soundtrack written by Thomas Newman. In it, modern motives are softly intertwined with classics. This part is distinguished from the previous ones by more romantic tones, which can be easily seen from the

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