Die Hard: With a Vengeance

A respectable-looking middle-aged man, though slightly "rumpled", stands in the middle of the Negro quarter with a sign on his chest. It has a blatantly racist slogan written on it. The fact that the author of this message is white is not so bad. The worst thing is that he was brought and left standing by his own police colleagues, explaining this as a special task. A little understanding person sees a group of young armed men. And then they head towards him.

The film Die Hard 3: Retribution is the new misadventures of a "supercop" named John McClain (B. Willis). However, this time the attackers do not capture anything, but decide to take revenge on the protagonist for long-standing "sins" by arranging a kind of terrorist quest in New York. After one of the city's stores exploded, the police received a call with a warning. To prevent this from happening again, McClane needs to head to Harlem and “tease” the local population with an obscene inscription. The police comply with the demand, but a random witness Zeus Carver (S. Jackson) manages to help John. Next comes a message about an impending subway explosion, and McClane needs to get to the Wall Street station in thirty minutes, otherwise the train will explode. Having persuaded Zeus to help, our hero strives to the point in order to prevent a terrorist attack. However, they are still flowers. Who is this crazy croupier? This soon becomes known, and McClane realizes that he has enough reason to take revenge on him personally. But why in such a perverted way? Those who will watch online in good quality Die Hard 3: Retribution on our website will find out.

John McTiernan, who directed the first part, returned once again to this topic and shot a box office sequel with a beloved hero. Curiously, scripts were originally written for this film, according to which Lethal Weapon 4 and Speed ​​2 were later shot. The creators of the third part of McClane's adventures succeeded. Those who decide to watch the movie Die Hard 3: Retribution will be convinced of this.

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