CCTV camera connection

In modern conditions, special attention is paid to ensuring safety. Today, video surveillance systems are widely used to protect personal property from illegal encroachments, to prevent theft in shopping centers, as well as to restrict access to office premises. They are installed in private homes and apartments, shops and restaurants, banks, sports complexes, government agencies, office buildings and many other facilities. The PROLINK.RU company offers high-quality equipment for visual control, as well as provides services for its installation and maintenance.
The camera is the most important element of the video surveillance system

At the heart of any visual control system are cameras, with the help of which video surveillance of buildings and territory is carried out. They transmit the image from the object to a service monitor, TV, DVR or computer screen. The quality of the resulting video recording directly depends on the correct choice of the type of camera, and, consequently, the effectiveness of the entire video surveillance system. In addition, the type of equipment used will also affect how it is installed.
Types of devices and methods of connecting them to a PC

CCTV cameras. As a rule, a Pasang CCTV Jakarta is connected to a monitoring device using a cable, which can be coaxial, UTP, or fiber optic. The latter is usually mounted in a hidden way (in walls or false ceilings).

Wireless devices. Cameras of this type do not need cables to connect to a PC. All you need to do is install the software on your computer and then establish a connection. In this case, the PC must be compatible with a wireless network.

IP cameras. They are networked and designed specifically for computers. Their main advantages include the ability to connect to the network directly via a network cable. These CCTV cameras come with a CD-ROM that assists with the installation.
Connection elements

Software. Almost all cameras are equipped with image viewing software. The software is installed on a computer and allows you to receive data transmitted from a video surveillance device. The programs can be downloaded from the Internet or come with the camera (on CD).

Cables. They are required to connect most types of cameras to your computer. Cables can be connected via USB or any other available video input. They are not needed to work with wireless devices.

Video card. In some cases, for work, you will need a video card that can record from cameras of a video surveillance system in a certain format, for example, S-Video, F-connector, etc. To connect to the Internet, you will also need a modem, router (router) or switch ( network switch).

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